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SHM Vittorio

Structural Monitoring

By SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) we refer to the monitoring of the state of artefacts health over time, to identify structural variations and anomalies, linked to local damage, variations in materials’ geometry or behaviour.

Strategic infrastructures such as bridges, viaducts and civil structures over time become subject to structural, often exponential decay. If not properly detected, due to structural decay these static anomalies can seriously compromise the structure, leading to its failure.

The SHM Vittorio system, Nplus offers the possibility of continuous monitoring of civil structures and infrastructures, allowing the application of a continuous surveillance strategy that allows the maintenance of a high level of safety and efficiency of the works in question, curbing maintenance costs at the same time.

The SHM Vittorio system provides an active and constant monitoring system over time, even in the absence of human intervention, thanks to measurements acquired periodically by a series of sensors installed according to a variable pattern with the size and geometry of the same.

SHM Vittorio

The application of the Vittorio SHM system entails a series of concrete advantages.

More safety

The SHM Vittorio system checks the building’s state of health, according to the types of possible intervention and the installed field sensors, allowing static, dynamic and seismic verification.

Reduction of operating costs

Optimisation of maintenance interventions, according to the types of intervention possible: according to the integral work of the building and according to the extent of static and dynamic degradation.

Data transmission service

This system allows the installation of additional monitoring devices, the remote control of data collected in the cloud and the rental of the gateway service to third-party companies, thus allowing the expansion of knowledge and services.

The SHM Vittorio System also provides various hardware solutions to meet the peculiarities of each structure. Numerous other software and hardware solutions are under development and Nplus is available to customers to generate customised systems.

Vittorio Infrastructures

A set of hardware devices (sensors, local and remote intelligence, communication systems) specifically designed for monitoring bridges, buildings and other structural elements. Firmware and software are tailored to diagnose such facilities and provide general and detailed assessments.

Vittorio Broadcast

An all-in-one device specifically designed to meet the needs of telecom companies wishing to monitor their transmission infrastructure (usually antennas): the device is equipped with special firmware and software.

The SHM Vittorio system has been tested on various infrastructures, demonstrating its value under different technical solutions and conditions. Furthermore, the Vittorio SHM System has been certified by the main Italian universities and holds four patents.

SHM Vittorio

Our goal is to provide continuous development to offer a superior analysis tool. Nplus collaborates with the finest Italian research institutes to be a technological reference in this market. For further information or to be updated, contact us.