We build technologies

We build technologies


The highest production quality

The highest production quality can only be attained with the right design process: that’s why we have a fully qualified technical office that includes electrical and electronic engineers, along with system integrators who can provide all the necessary support. Our technical staff not only offer support for the engineering and manufacture of products based on customers’ specifications, but also develop totally new products, prototypes and complex drawings for the electronic field and for special lighting in the domestic and passenger transport sectors.

We also have lighting designers who can work alongside architects and designers in general when it comes to choosing retail lighting solutions and creating tailor-made lighting elements. Our engineers work in close contact with the production area to ensure the most suitable solutions for obtaining the highest quality in the production process, and in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to the capacity of our work team, we’re able to develop new, combined research projects: selecting the best industrial or research partners, and taking advantage of the resources made available by the local authorities, we can act as a hub in the field of applied research to meet the widest variety of requests from our customers.

To guarantee our customers the complete quality control of our production processes, we have the certification envisaged by ISO 9001:2015; for the railway sector, we’re currently implementing the IRIS control model.