We build technologies

We build technologies

Production facilities

An integrated platform for quality

Nplus has established its HQ in the BIC (Business Innovation Centre) in Rovereto (Trento), with a production area of about 1000 sq.m. and with offices for administration, design and technical support staff.

The Mechatronics Pole offers specific insertion tools for companies, workers and researchers in the mechatronics field, with a particular focus on industry 4.0. The principles of interoperability, virtualisation, decentralisation, capability, service orientation and modularisation are developed with specific projects supported by the leading European laboratories. One that particularly stands out is Prom Facility, which offers the companies based here an integrated platform for the design and 3D prototyping of precision mechanical components and electronic parts.

Our Rovereto plant is fitted out with the latest, most efficient tools for manufacturing electronic systems and complex wiring systems, to guarantee the best product/service quality thanks to strict process control. The production unit is divided into three areas:

Electronics: equipped with the latest Juki SMD system, with a PTH assembly station and a testing system that uses mobile 4020 Spea probes. The world’s best testing equipment demonstrates our commitment to top quality production with a high added value;
Wiring: this department boasts the most modern cutting, stripping, marking and crimping equipment on the market. The best mechanical and electrical test devices also help ensure an optimum qualitative level for the end product;
Assembly: for producing finished products in all the company’s areas. We assemble boards with the relative cases and wiring, special lighting systems for the architecture and passenger transport fields, and special industrial panels and wiring for ships and trains.

Each production area is managed via control and monitoring systems that guarantee the complete traceability of every end product and the relative semi-finished products or components. In addition, the production process is sustained by an automatic vertical Modula magazine directly connected to our control systems.

Apart from its Rovereto premises, Nplus also has a production site in Guandong (China) thanks to its strategic holdings in certain Chinese companies; employing 100 workers in an area of over 4000 sq.m, it specialises in the manufacture of retail lighting devices based on Italian specifications and the highest European and international quality standards.

Nplus plans to set up a precise production alliance with China in terms of both the provisioning chain and market positioning, with the opening of a local branch in the near future.