Energy and technology on the move

Energy and technology on the move


Application sectors

The work of the business unit dedicated to Marine and Rail is the customised design and building of every possible type of lighting system for ships and trains. Apart from standard lighting elements with the appropriate performance features especially in terms of water resistance, vibration resistance and fire/smoke regulations, we can also play a part in the construction of RGBW lighting systems and the relative central control for scenic effects, above all for use in the casinos, theatres and spas on board ships.

Customised design and building

In addition, Nplus Marine and Rail can also supply pre-formed energy/data wiring systems of any level of complexity, even assembled on structural or configuration elements designed for plug and play use, particularly suited to situations involving prefabrication rather than installation. 

Nplus Marine and Rail also works with the sensors on board trains and ships for the management, control and, more generally, monitoring of operation. We can supply boxes and small pre-wired panels (combined with our own electronics if necessary) for every situation requiring the methodical integration of technological products with the furnishing systems on ships and trains..