We build technologies

We build technologies

A message
from Giordano Riello

It is exciting to be able to tell you about Nplus. It is exciting as when together with my partners Carlo and Davide we imagined this company and decided to give it life in Italy.

Since those first moments I have felt a great emotion in being able to bring my contribution and my vision on what have been the choices of our work; from the most complex strategic choices to those that may seem simpler. An emotion that has accompanied me over the years without ever abandoning me.

At Nplus, from day one, we had a clear idea of ​​the importance of what “doing business” means. Leading a company means, first of all, respecting the environment where it grows and develops. It also means respecting the entire production chain: employees, suppliers, of course our customers and, in general, all those who, together with us, contribute to the ethical development of this company.

Ethical because, I am strongly convinced of this, the factory must have the social one as its first function. A function that can only be honored by respecting one’s own territory, continuing to invest in it, tirelessly. It is true that the function of economic activities is to generate profit, however the same profit must in turn be an instrument for generating new investments and new wealth. It should never be seen as an end, but rather as a means, and the efforts to which we are constantly called at Nplus have precisely this objective.

Nplus also has a beautiful quality: it is the passion that guides the actions of every single employee in the company. Me, my partners, our collaborators, even our suppliers: we are passionate people. We love what we do and we love doing it together.

Togetherness, soul, passion, are, together with innovation, the main drivers of growth for our company. After all, the extraordinary nature of innovation is nothing transcendental. Innovator is the one who believes and invests in the future. And the future is my passion because it is in the future that I want to spend the rest of my life.

We at Nplus are confident that together with all of you we will be able to build a solid bridge towards the future.

Giordano Riello
Nplus S.r.l. President and CEO